Proper D Lacrosse

Defensive Clinics

Had an absolute BLAST at camp! Great coaches, counsellors, and an unbelievable group of players. Thank you to everyone who could join us! Can't wait to do it again!!!#GrowTheGame#HBGLAX

Posted by Harrisburg Lacrosse on Thursday, July 23, 2015


Growing the Game at the Younger Levels

At Harrisburg Lacrosse we are committed to growing the sport at all levels with particular attention to the youth game.

We believe that players at younger ages need to focus on individual skill development and game play for their approrpiate skill level. Players mature and develop at very different rates especially with fact that many players are introduced to the game at varying ages. We believe that anyone who commits to the game and puts in the necessary work will be successful!

We offer many year round opportunities including camps, clinics, leagues and club lacrosse/travel teams. We hope to continue to build and grow these programs for years to come!